Enhancement Detail

Price on inspection


Paint correction

Price on inspection

Price on inspection

​Leather connolising


MaKa Mobile Valeting & detailing

Showroom Valet

prices from £55 -  £75

Mini Valetfor regular maintenance

prices from £25 -  £35

Interior Valet

prices from £35 -  £45

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 litchard cross Cardiff bridgend cf31 1nx uk

surcharge may incur  on heavily soiled vehicles 

​fuel costs may be added for travelling further afield


0797 485 7237

TTerms & Conditions

We require 24hrs notice for cancellation of a booking

Maka Mobile Valeting reserves the right to alter a booking or move a booking due to weather conditions or equipment failure.

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Price on inspection

additional services

​cabriolet cleaning/ re-colour

sign writing removal

motorbike valet

caravan / motorhome valet